2023年8月20日(日)、BARMANEのレストラン営業は終了し、お持ち帰りいただけるスタイルのお店 “RONMADOR” を同所にて2023年11月4日にオープンいたしました。BARMANEはイベントや出張を中心となりますが、時々RONMADORにてお食事をしていただける機会をつくっていきます。


We’re sorry. We were closing down on August 20th, 2023. Then, we opened ” RONMADOR ” that is the special doughnut store at the same place on November 4th, 2023. Please enjoy our new style & tasty food!

《NEW!》We re-start to accept the reservation for dinner at RONMADOR !

” ディナー営業再開について “



⚫︎場所: RONMADOR(元BARMANE)→ access

⚫︎時間: ディナータイム(19:00前後より)

⚫︎日付: ご希望の日をお知らせください(いくつか候補をあげていただけるとご希望に沿えるかと思います)

⚫︎料理内容: ¥15000(税込)/1名様

季節のコース料理(お食事中のドリンク代別途)が基本となります 。

⚫︎人数: 最小人数2名様・最大10名様(人数により、テーブルの配置は変わります/RONMADOR仕様or BARMANE仕様)
※ 各種パーティーなど特別なご希望の場合にはご相談ください

⚫︎ご予約・お問い合わせ: メール( )又はRONMADOR店頭にてお受けいたします。

⚫︎お願い事: 日程調整や食材準備の都合上、ご希望日よりなるべくお早めにご連絡いただけると幸いです。

” About the reservation for dinner “

we have decided to increase the number of opportunities for people to enjoy BARMANE cuisine.
In addition to the below, we also accept inquiries regarding on-site cooking and various types of dinner parties.

We accept reservations for dinner on a daily basis.
It will be reserved for 4 or more people.

⚫︎Location : RONMADOR (formerly BARMANE) → access

⚫︎Time : Dinner time (from around 19:00)

⚫︎Date : Please let us know your preferred date (we think we can accommodate your request if you give us some suggestions)

⚫︎Price : ¥15000 (tax included)/1 person

The basic menu is seasonal course meals (drinks are charged separately).
Depending on what we purchase, we may offer game meat dishes in addition to vegetables and seafood.
(Please let us know in advance if you have any allergies or intolerances / Children can share or order a la carte)

⚫︎Number of people : Minimum 2 people, maximum 10 people (Table arrangement will change depending on the number of people / RONMADOR specification or BARMANE specification)
*Please contact us if you have any special requests such as parties.

⚫︎Reservations / Inquiries : Please contact us via email ( ) or at RONMADOR.

⚫︎Request : In order to coordinate schedules and prepare ingredients, we would appreciate it if you could contact us as early as possible from your desired date. (We can also accept requests in the near future if the timing is right)

We hope enjoy your dinner time !

Photo by Steven ong

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