バルマーネ 京都 ご予約方法

不定休 ※ 営業日カレンダーは、News にて随時UPしています。

営業時間:9:00 – 15:00(L.O.)/dinner time 18:00以降・ 一晩一組限定・毎週金土日のみ

ご来店前日の15時までにメール( )にて以下の内容をお知らせください。当日のご予約は、食材の準備が間に合う場合はお席の空き状況によりお受けできることもあります。前日までにご予約がない日は休みになります。ご来店前に必ずお電話かメールでお問合せください。


・メニュー(朝食・プリフィクス・ランチ・ディナーのいずれか)→ 詳細はMenuページをご覧ください





キャンセル料の発生あり ※人数が減る場合も同様になります
・前日 コース料金の50% 
・ご予約当日  コース料金の100%

How to make a reservation

We are currently preparing seats by reservation only.

Irregular holidays * The business day calendar is updated at any time in News.

■ Opening hours: 9:00 – 15:00 (L.O.) / dinner time After 18:00 ・ Limited to one group per night

Please let us know the following by e-mail ( ) by 3pm on the day before your visit. Same-day reservations may be accepted if the ingredients are ready in time, subject to seat availability. It will be closed on days when there is no reservation by the day before. Please be sure to contact us by phone or email before visiting the store. We will reply to your email the next day at the latest. Please be sure to check the cancellation policy at the bottom of the page before making a reservation. Since replies from here may result in an error, please allow “” to receive in the settings. If there is no reply, it may be sorted into the spam folder, so please check that as well.

・Desired date and time of visit
・Your name and contact phone number
・Number of people
・Menu (breakfast, prefix, lunch, dinner→ Please see the Menu page for details.
・In the case of breakfast, the plate menu of your choice ( please let us know each choice / drinks are fine on the day )
・Whether you have any allergies or foods you can eat ( if you have any, please let us know the details )

⚪︎ Payment is accepted by cash or credit card.
⚪︎ For prix-fixe, lunch and dinner, please order one drink per person.
⚪︎ We also welcome you to visit us with your children. We can also prepare a separate dish for children, so please contact us at the time of reservation.
⚪︎ We will also help you with each celebration. Please contact us in advance about the preparation and production of dessert plates.
⚪︎ Here is a small restaurant, so we will guide up to 2 ~ 3 groups (depending on the number of people) at the same time. It is possible to charter depending on the number of people, so please contact us.
⚪︎ Please ask us when shooting in our place.

Cancellation Policy

From the moment we receive a reservation, we will start constructing the menu and preparing the dishes. In the case of a last-minute reduction in the number of people or cancellation, a cancellation fee will be charged, so please contact us as soon as possible about changes in your schedule.

No cancellation fees
・ If you contact us by two days before ・In case of natural disasters or transportation circumstances

There is a cancellation fee * The same will apply if the number of people decreases.
・50% of the course fee the day before
・On the day of reservation: 100% of the course fee

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